Till foodtrucks - Skördefestivalen23

29 August, 2023 - 17:53

Let's hear it for all of you trendsetters and lifestyle makers on the street food scene.

19 of us make up what is now known on Gotland as street food culture. It is the intention that all food trucks on the island will be profiled and represented on a common website for Gotland. That means that each person behind every street food truck and wagon is individually seen as the creators of this food culture. If you haven't thought about it yet, think about it now. All tourists coming here to seek out where to eat, will certainly find you. We are building a community by showing diversity. That has a certain value and capital like no other. Therefore, it is encouraging for us to now set our sights higher and continue to spread all that street food culture has to offer.

To all who are already on the site and to those who are interested to be, you are invited to join me at the skördefestival this coming weekend.

I will place my wagon there but serve promotion and informational material about street food culture, only. The main message to spread will be about who we are, what we do for the culture of food and most of all, that we have a presence alongside others in the greater food culture arena. We are an attraction and offer food experiences in most unique ways.

The technical solutions like the website and its functions is what I have to show the public, other food industries and the markets gathering there at the festival. Please come join me and contribute all and any support you are able to. Such as, your menu, marketing material, your ideas. Come hang out and meet and greet the crowd.

I apologize for the short notice, but I realized just yesterday that this weekend is a prime opportunity to take developments thus far, to the next level. Let's see how much traffic we can build to the site in these two days.

This is the start of making our own Street Food Culture activities and events. For quick contact, send me an sms: to 0728418336.

 Thank you Hope to hear from all of you.
 Best regards,